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Why does my company need social media marketing?

Today's consumers spend an ever-increasing amount of time on social media networks, and these platforms have become a crucial tool for businesses to attract new customers and retain existing customers. An intelligent social media marketing campaign allows your company to connect directly with your customer base, create individualized, personal relationships with each customer, and market your products and services in new and exciting ways that keep your customers interested and engaged.

By creating content that attracts and entertains your customers, you involve them in the marketing process when they share your content with friends and family. This creates a good reputation for your company and generates more interactions with both your existing customers and those who received shared content from friends. It opens up your products and services to a much wider audience than traditional marketing efforts ever could.

Before deciding, customers interested in a product or service often do research both on the company's website and on its social media pages. Recommendations from friends and family also play an important role in a customer's final decision, and shared content from your brand often serves as a recommendation or endorsement for your products and services.

By building and maintaining a healthy presence on social media you can improve your company's sales and, with regular interaction, you can build long-lasting customer relationships.

What is the best social platform for my business?

Social media is a quickly evolving landscape, and new platforms come and go all the time. Several, like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, continue to adapt to changing circumstances and should receive the brunt of your company's social media marketing efforts. But, you must also keep on top of the current trends and make sure you keep a significant presence wherever your the majority of your customers tend to congregate. Here are some of the more popular social networks:

  • Facebook: Often used to connect with friends, family and work associates, sharing news, photos, videos, memes and funny stories.
  • Instagram: A subsidiary of Facebook, Instagram is typically used for sharing photos and videos.
  • Twitter:A platform for short communications, Twitter is often used for quick announcements, press releases, celebrity gossip, real-time news and coverage of special events.
  • YouTube: Used for sharing videos, both amateur and commercial. Content includes instructional videos, commercials, music videos, entertainment and live streaming content.
  • Pinterest: Typically used for sharing photos about fashion, food, crafts and fitness.
  • Google+: A network for sharing information about common interests, Google+ is often used by

    professionals for networking purposes.

By using SEO Houston to manage your social media marketing efforts, you can be sure that your company is represented on the most popular social marketing platforms at all times, and that your customers will remain active and engaged with your products and services.

How can I measure the results of my social media activities?

Once you have built an extensive social media presence, started producing engaging content and have had time to interact with your customers on a continuous basis, you should start to see results from your social media marketing efforts, such as:

  • An increase in likes, shares thumbs-up, check-ins and other metrics
  • More interactions between customers and with your company representatives on your social media pages
  • Increased traffic on your website and other pages, and more conversions into sales
  • Increased appointment and information requests
  • Wider brand exposure

  • At SEO Houston, we will also demonstrate the effectiveness of your social marketing campaign with monthly reports and analysis, so that you can determine where you need to improve your efforts.

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Our team will help you determine the best strategy for all your key phrase and link building activities to increase your search engine ranking and organic traffic.

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We provide a detailed report of your website SEO performance evaluation as well as data about your traffic, top referring keywords, and a full explanation of your search engine activity.


Tell us about your SEO project

Let us help you build your business online!

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