It is the right time to find out what blogging or guest blogging actually means. In the era of online promotions, rather than an ear to ear promotion, bringing more and more traffic to the website or brand name is the sole motive of the business owners. Earlier no one believed that online advertisements could actually work and support the growth of the business. Therefore, they actually thought it to be a waste of time and effort as social platforms were not as secure as they are today. Each one of us knows how much importance these online platforms hold when it comes to bringing a non-living thing to life and accomplishing any impossible task.

What is blogging or guest blogging?

All of us have witnessed a platform where bloggers interact with daily trends and courses that attract the youth and even seniors with all their hearts. It all started not as a business or profession but as a term of interest and hobby. Blogging means writing blogs, or say a collection of text, about any product or anything useful that is currently being talked about. Not only products, but any fashion statement or accessory that is setting a new trend needs to get exclusive promotion and detailing. Fashion or lifestyle bloggers are thorough with what they have to post and what will get the most attention from the public.

Guest blogging is basically writing for other sites relating to your own blogs to get more traffic to your blog posts and websites. This is a promotional tool to multiply the number of viewers and subscribers for more appearance and visibility.

Is guest blogging important for bloggers?

Staying on one platform and posting your views will not get you the best results. There are millions and trillions of websites and online portals that posts blog and texts, but this is not enough to gain any popularity or fan base. Until and unless your name and blogs are circulated around more popular bloggers’ pages, they won’t get any attention and recognition. Shining amongst millions of stars is a tough job if you are alone and do not have any strong promotional strategy.

Guest blogging is done for the same purpose, which is to enhance the viewer quality and traffic to the website. They write blogs for the site related to their existing blogs and gain traffic for their website through similar links and suggestions. No longer just an art or hobby, this has made its space amongst the most critical and productive businesses that involve handsome money and also fame. This is a platform to showcase your talent of writing and creating a visual experience just by penning your views.

How to write a guest blog?

  • Posts should be interrelated: a guest blog not only involves text and promotional strategies but also gives excellent and useful links at the end of the guest post. Basically, a guest post is written for the sole motive of bringing more traffic to your own blog. Bloggers play their strategy to put their blog’s link at the end of their guest blogs so that anyone who gets interested in the guest blog might end up following the suggested link and read their own blog. One most important thing to keep in mind is that you should put the link of some similar post and not a contradictory or unrelated post. This hinders the credibility and efficiency of the bloggers. Getting all that way and then ending up at some irrelevant link is a big turn off after their great interest in the guest blog.
  • Put some links before or after your blog: the viewers, who read your blogs and are caught in interest, will undoubtedly follow your referrals and end up at the links that you have mentioned. This is a type of strategy that brings more and more traffic to your website and blogs that you write for your own website. The readers read your guest posts because they like your content and follow you for your talents. 
  • Forget a relationship with prominent bloggers: If the guest blog had been just a matter of interest for the viewers, it might have been one of the toughest jobs for the bloggers to post their blogs. Guest blogs need to build a relationship with someone who is accessible and holds a big fan base. Prominent bloggers who are role models for many can help you increase the traffic to your website without much ado. All you need to do is tag them continuously or relate to them in your blogs so that they consider your writings and give it a shot. This creates an image of having contacts in the industry of guest blogging, which makes it easier for you to build up a name in the industry where many prominent bloggers know your talent.
  • SEO strategy: SEO has given a new medium and outlook to individual blogs and posts. A guest blog should be a long-term plan and not just a short-term one. Writing about a topic according to the present situation and not keeping the long term in mind might create a lack of interest for those who have a big vision. Also, if a post is read after some years of its posting, it should still create that much interest for the reader. They say any blog should be written for the next ten years and not ten months. Accumulating one most essential and searched keyword through SEO and writing about ongoing or future situations is the best way to retain its importance in the world of media.
  • Follow up: not managing the whole account and not following up the viewer’s reviews is worse than not even starting. Completing the process without checking it once makes it inefficient and not worth the hype. On the other hand, waiting for public reviews just after posting it is not going to increase the traffic but only waste your energy and time. Feedback comes slowly, and you need the patience to gather some follow-ups.