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If you’re not currently utilizing local mapping and business directory listings to promote your company and improve your website’s search rankings, you’re missing out on a key element of successful online marketing—and one that Google, the world’s most influential and heavily-used search engine, is now placing at top priority when generating valuable organic search listings.



The reality is that local consumers are using search engines to find the products and/or services your business offers every day, and local business maps and directory listings are very often the first things these prospective clients/customers see on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). If you’re not active on local business directories, you’re potentially losing out on a considerable number of virtually effortless inbound sales leads and possibly hundreds of potential new customers.


Google's Latest Update is a Local SEO Game-Changer

Google currently owns a whopping 70 percent of the search engine market share, making it by far the most influential and trusted search site in the world. Google rankings, which are gathered by a complex and continuously evolving algorithm system, are the impetus behind the multi-million dollar SEO industry—and are powerful enough to drive a company’s web traffic by a game-changing 41 percent increase. Google’s most recent algorithm update, Pigeon, was launched in July and designed specifically to increase the weight of accurate and relevant local search results within traditional web-ranking signals—meaning that Local Maps SEO is now more important than ever before for achieving high-value page-one listings. In fact, web analysts are reporting that Pigeon 3.0 is effectively boosting rankings for local business, while multi-location corporate giants are seeing resultant decreases in web traffic. What this means, in a nutshell, is that Google’s latest update is geared specifically towards increasing the visibility of smaller, localized businesses—like those that make up most of our SEO Houston client-base—rather than allowing corporate giants to continue dominating high-visibility web space.

Local Business Directories and Mapping Maximize Houston SEO

At SEO Houston, we have a proven track-record of generating top rankings for our clients’ businesses on all major search engines. We achieve this through content and social media marketing, remarketing, paid search display ads, and through the effective management of local map and directory listings. Our local SEO experts set up, optimize and continuously promote those listings so our clients not only reach page one but also stay there.

One of our most valued tools in Local Maps SEO marketing is a new platform that resourcefully connects businesses with their geo-targeted audiences through Google Search, Google Maps and Google+ simultaneously.

The recently added feature—named Google My Business—offers web-marketers like us a unique and exceptionally streamlined opportunity to maintain client-business citations (commonly referred to by SEO pros as NAPs—name, address and phone number) accurately and efficiently through one primary channel, the all-powerful Google+ Business Profile.

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Let us help you build your business online!

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Please, let us know any particular things to check and the best time to contact you by phone (if provided).